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Diversity and Inclusion at BuzzFeed

Diversity and Inclusion at BuzzFeed Below is an article originally written by Swati Vauthrin, the Senior Director of Engineering at PowerToFly Partner BuzzFeed, and published on March 16, 2018. Go to BuzzFeeds page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.Our mission at BuzzFeed Tech is (still) to create a diverse and inclusive culture at every level and across every discipline in Tech. We need to continue to invest in programs and initiatives in order to fulfill this long-term mission. These efforts are focused both on hiring a talented, diverse team and retaining and growing that talent here at BuzzFeed.Below are 2 charts (of many) that we are proud of that reflects ur progress You can take a look at the rest of our charts and details on our continued efforts here https// Aki Merced

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

This is how women and men Venmo differently

This is how women and men Venmo differentlyThis is how women and men Venmo differentlyWhen you send your coworkers money for buying that round of happy-hour drinks, your method may be different depending on who you are, according to a new study on popular mobile payment service Venmo.Study Women say thanks more than men in online transactionsLooking at 500,000 Venmo transactions from 2017, student loan refinancing site Comet found that the language of money is different for men and women.For women, the most common feeling expressed in transactions welches a version of gratitude Thank(s). Women were more than twice as likely as men to say some version of thanks when sending money.Meanwhile, for men, the most common caption accompanying their mobile transactions was food. But when it came to using emojis, food was a universal language. The pizza emoji was the most common emoji used for both genders when sending money to someone. Turns out, food is still the most basic need.

Friday, December 27, 2019

How to Help Your Employees Find Their Greatness

How to Help Your Employees Find Their GreatnessHow to Help Your Employees Find Their GreatnessEvery employer wants their employees to achieve greatness. You invest time and resources to recruit and train people, and its in every organizations best interest to create an environment where their employees can thrive. Without employees succeeding on an individual level, the business as a whole cant succeed either. Its one thing to acknowledge the importance of employee success and quite aelendher thing to enable it. This is a challenge that organizations of all sizes, locations, and industries face. Achievers recently conducted a survey of the North American workforce and found that there is a serious greatness gap. Employees are disengaged at work, and this prevents them, as well as their employers, from reaching their full potential. Its time to bridge this gap. The Greatness gemeinsame agrarpolitik Successful employees are engaged employees, and meeting basic needs of compensation and resources is only the foundation. Beyond that, the requirements are less tangible. Employees need recognition, direction, inspiration, and purpose. They also need the 3 Ms of Mastery, Membership, and Meaning. American employers are clearly falling short of fulfilling these requirements, as employee disengagement is a pervasive problem. According to the Greatness Report, 51 percent of employees are not happy at work, and about the same number expect to work for a different employer one year down the road. Part of this disengagement comes from a lack of purpose, which is a critical part of employee engagement. A sense of purpose ignites intrinsic motivation, but employers are failing to instill it in their employees. The Greatness Report found that 61 percent of employees do not know their companys cultural values and 57 percent are not motivated by their companys mission. Company culture is also a significant problem, with just 44 percent of employees indicating that they like t heir companys culture. Part of this problem stems fromissues with managers, who are responsible for conveying core values and cultivating an environment that supports company culture. The old adage that says that people join companies but leave schwimmbad managers rings true here, and only 45 percent of employees trust their companys leadership. Why? Well to start, 60 percent of employees reported not receivingin-the-moment feedbackfrom their managers. In addition, 53 percent of employees dont feel recognized for their achievements at work and 47 percent dont feel recognized for progress towards achieving their goals. Whats Missing? Employee Recognition All of these factors contribute to employee disengagement and limit their success. The good news is that you can remediate these issues with two simple and straightforward steps recognize your employees and educate them about the companys core values. Research shows that recognizing team members has a dramatic effect on performan ce. A study by Bersin and Associates found that organizations where recognition occurs perform 14 percent better on employee engagement, productivity and customer service than those where recognition does not occur. Moreover, companies that actively recognize employees have 31 percent lower voluntary turnover rates than companies that do not. Minimizing turnover is becoming a growing concern for employers as their workforces become increasingly dominated by Millennials, who are known for job hopping.Churn is expensive. It is human nature to seek and respond to praise. Recognition is so important because it makes employees feel valued, and on a more basic level- noticed. It reinforces the fact that their contribution matters and expresses gratitude for their hard work, which encourages them to continue working hard. Recognition reinforces positive behaviors and inspires every employee to perform at their best. It helps cultivate trust between employees and their managers, as well as loyalty, which is why recognition and turnover have such a significant link. However, all recognition does not have the same effect. A good job once a year has a negligible effect. The other 364 days a year, the employee is wondering how she is doing and if her work is appreciated. Over the past few years, a body of cross-disciplinary research has emerged which shows that annual goal setting and performance reviews are ineffective at boosting performance, actively alienate employees, are based on a flawed understanding of human motivation and are often arbitrary and biased. For recognition to reap the strongest results, it needs to be daily, or even hourly, and happen in the moment. When an employee does something great- whether its delivering an amazing presentation, helping out a colleague, closing a sale, or coming up with a great idea- that is the opportunity to recognize their achievement. 72 percent of employees say their performance would improve with more specific and constr uctive feedback. Additionally, public recognition is especially powerful. The above survey by Brandon Hall Group revealed that 82 percent of organizations with social recognition platforms enjoyed higher revenues and 70 percent saw improved retention rates. Whats Missing? Purpose The second major driver of the Greatness Gap is the lack of a clearly defined, or understood, mission and core values. Culture is the glue that holds an organization together. If you hire employees that dont fit in with your companys culture, believe in its mission, and uphold its core values, then you will have an uphill battle getting them to succeed. A well-articulated mission helps employees understand why they come to work every day and do what they do- it provides purpose. Employees that feel their work is meaningful are more inspired, motivated, and engaged. Core values help employees understand what types of achievements and behaviors are rewarded. Its a guideline of sorts for how to succeed wit hin the organization. For example, if putting customers first is a core value, then every employee, whether they are in sales, support, or on the design team, approaches their work with that lens. Most companies have mission statements and core values. The issue is that they arent woven into the fabric of the organization, so they have no weight. Sticking them up on the wall or on a website is not enough. Upholding the mission and instilling core values requires clear communication, as well as recognition of those values. This reinforcement will highlight to employees how their work fits into the bigger pictures, as well as strengthen their alignment to a shared culture of doing the right thing. Regularly recognizing employees and educating them on core values will have a dramatic effect on employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. Try recalibrating your company culture with greatness in mind, and the results will amaze you.

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Totally unsure about something Do this now (like right now)

Totally unsure about something Do this now (like right now)Totally unsure about something Do this now (like right now)Ive always had a weird interest in time time machines time capsules. You name it. Ive been into it. Theres something about the idea of allowing our present selves to talk to our future selves. And to let our present selves hear from our past selves. Its both hard to wrap our heads around and also wildly intoxicating at the thought of what thatd actually be like if every sci-fi movie were to become a reality.Over the past few years, Ive been tapping mora and more into my future self, emotionally. She shows up in a bright cloak of wisdom and creativity. Sometimes her hair is white with bright streaks of color. Sometimes shes in long kimonos just off an international flight. And shes always un-fkwithable. And encourages me to do the same. When Im sad, or discouraged, or unsure, Ill go talk to her in my thoughts and see what she would tell me to do. She always feels lik e a combination of my best friend, my best self, my mom, and every woman Ive ever loved and respected.But a few weeks ago I did a proper, guided visualization to go spend time with my future self and meeting myself 20 years in the future was wild. So wild. She had a lot to say, not as much in her words but in how she showed up and what her life looked like.She communicated to me to keep creating. That all that matters is family. That curls are the way to go, keep rocking them. That love will be worth it. That the choices now have been hard but right and to just believe. We drank ros in front of beautiful Bay Area views and laughed loudly.Ive always known our future selves have so much wisdom to share with us, but Id never realized just how specific, informative and calming it could be to see them in their current, future worlds. Because we are those people, right now. And the choices, decisions, and priorities we make now will be important to future nows, later. Your future self is a treasure chest of insight that can open up clarity for today.So if youre at a crossroads, if youre doubting your choices, if youre confused about whats nextclose your eyes or open a journal and ask her that future self one year, five years, 20 years or beyond ask for the help, the wisdom and the encouragement to take the step.This article was originally published on

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Benefits, commute time top things that make a job appealing

Benefits, commute time top things that make a job appealingBenefits, commute time top things that make a job appealingResearch has found that76% of Americans say that not hearing back about a job is worse than being ghosted after a first date, but employers must offer specific things to get people to apply in the first place. Recent data from Glassdoor shows that attractive benefits and perks are the most popular thingsthat would make Americans more inclined to hit send on a job application.The Harris Poll surveyed 1,151 American adults for Glassdoor - those who participated were either working or didnt have a job but were actively looking for one.What would make Americans more inclined to submit a job applicationHeres how people respondedattractive benefits and perks (e.g., gym memberships, paid time off, etc.) 48%a convenient, easy commute 47%high salaries 46%good work-life balance 43%work from home flexibility 41%a great company culture 35%whether the companys financial performan ce is good 26%familiarity with the brand 23%Furthermore, while 35% of men say that they would be more likely to apply for a job if the company offered work from home flexibility, while 49% of women felt this way.Julie Coucoules, Glassdoors weltweit Head of Talent Acquisition, commented on the research in a statement.Job seekers crave transparency on pay, not only to make an initial judgement about whether to consider applying for a job, but also to assess if an employer holds long-term potential for them. Quality candidates are typically well-researched and those that go beyond job ads and look for a richer set of background data that includes benefits and employee reviews, among other specific traits about an employer. This means that employers should make information available to job candidates proactively, or they risk missing out on quality candidates applying, she said.How people learn about employers theyre curious aboutCheck out the breakdownJob search websites 53%word of mo uth 43%professional networking sites 35%social media 32%personal networking 32%company careers pages 26%Forty-five percent of men and 63% of women look at job boards online to learn more about employers theyre interested in.In terms of finding open positions, the research found that 51% of people surveyed reported that job websites are their preferred source. The second most popular choice was finding out from a friend, at 45%. But the two least popular choices were social media at 20% and a staffing agency at 19%.Plus, 44%of those surveyed said that they search for company transparency on pay and benefits when trying to figure out if a company could be a good place to work in the long run.

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Employment-Related Email Message Examples

Employment-Related Email glaubenszeugnis ExamplesEmploymentsWhether you are employed or currently job seeking (or both), you will be sending lots of employment-related schmelzglas katecheses. These range from schmelzglas cover letters to thank you messages to congratulations notesto job offer acceptance and rejection messages. When you are sending employment-related email messages, its really important to get it right. If you dont, your message probably wont be opened, let alone read. Or, it might come across as unprofessional, and it could hurt your professional reputation. Review these tips for writing email messages for employment purposes, and examples of many different types of messages. Tips for Writing an Employment-Related Email Use a professional email address. First, make sure your email address is professional. Something along the lines of or is clear, simple, and professional. Keep it professional. Getting it right means ke eping it professional. Even though you may be used to sending casual communications when its related to work, your correspondence needs to be as well-written, properly formatted, and professional as any other formal business communications. Keep it short. Its also important to keep your email messages short.Astudy from EmailLabsreports that the average time an email message is open is for 15-20 seconds. Thats not long. In that time period, the average person reads 50 words. Keep your email messages as concise and as brief as possible, and focus on grabbing the readers attention in that short amount of time. Your first paragraph needs to be compelling enough for the reader to continue.The second and third paragraphs (if you have them) need to make your point. Any paragraphs beyondthat most likely wont get read. Write a compelling subject line. The subject line of the message needs to entice the reader to open your message. Include as many keywords as possible, without making the sub ject line too long. For job application emails, for example, simply include your name and the job you are applying for. Keep in mind that when people open emails on their phones (which most people do), they see an abbreviated version of your subject line. So keep the subject as brief as possible. End professionally. Dont stop after youve written your message. Take the time to end it professionally. End with a complimentary closeand an email signature. At the very least, the email signature should contain your name, email address, and phone number. You might also include your job title and any more contact information you wish to share. You might add a personal website URL or the URL to your LinkedIn profile or Twitter account. Edit, edit, edit. Professional emails should be clearly written and edited. Be sure to reread your message to proofread for any spelling or grammar errors before sending it. What to Include in an Employment-Related Email katechese Your email messages shoul d include Subject line describing why youre writingGreetingShort message (2-3 paragraphs at most)ClosingSignature with your contact information What Not to Include When you are writing to apply for a job or for other employment-related matters, there are some things your message shouldnt include EmoticonsTypos and grammatical errorsExtraneous informationFancy fonts or formattingColored fontsImages (unless you are attaching a related document with images)Quotations in your signatureSlang or abbreviations How to Use Email Examples and Templates It is a good idea to review employments can help you see what kind of content you should include in your letter. Templates can help you format your letter, and organize the information in your letter. While examples, templates, and guidelines are a great starting point for your emails, you should always take the time to personalize your email message, so it reflects the reason why you are writing. Email Message Examples A - Z Review these email message examples, including email subject lines, signatures, email cover letters, networking letters, thank you letters, farewell messages, resignation letters, and other sample email messages, templates, and formatting advice, so youre sure to send the right message. A - E Absent from Work Email MessageAppreciation Email MessageAsking for a Reference Email MessageBusiness Thank You MessageCandidate Rejection Email MessageCongratulations Email MessageCounter Offer Email MessageCover Letter Examples F - N Farewell MessageFormatted Email Message ExamplesGoodbye LetterJob Application Email ExampleJob Application Message ExampleJob Internal Promotion Cover LetterJob Transfer Request LetterJob Transfer Request Letter Example - RelocationNetworking MessageNew Business CongratulationsNew Job Announcements O - Z Promotion CongratulationsReference LettersResignation Email MessagesResume Follow Up MessageReturn to Work After Maternity LeaveSick Day Email MessageTemp to Perm Reque stThank You Letters Email Subject Line and Greeting Examples Email Message GreetingsEmail Subject Line ExamplesEmail Subject Line Samples Email Signature Examples Email SignatureEmail Signature Example With Address Email Message Templates Email Cover Letter TemplateEmail Message TemplateEmployment Letter TemplatesMicrosoft Email Message Templates

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The 30-Second Trick for Update Resume on Linkedin

The 30-Second Trick for Update Resume on Linkedin What You Must Know About Update Resume on Linkedin After clicking Next, you will be provided a text field to compose your recommendation in. A great resume format is simple to scan. Scannable resumes need specific page designs because computer scanners cannot read certain products. If you cant think a good template you could use, you truly do not should get worried as it is possible to run into services and tools on the internet that will enable you to make a superb template. Update Resume on Linkedin - the Story We source skilled professionals for our customers to fill their present-day labor gaps for a predetermined time period, and as desired by our customers, provide the choice of contractors to be converted to full moment. The work description is blunt at the end, saying that not everybody will necessarily wish to work at the business. Get an awareness of the work market, and begin the stream of opportunities you are sea rching for. You cant as soon as an exciting job opportunity will present itself, therefore its always an excellent idea to have your resume prepared to send at a moments notice. The Importance of Update Resume on Linkedin Starting work search can readily be overwhelming, especially if you didnt expect to turn into unemployed or will need to locate a new job. If you really need to get work, you need to be there. If youre actively searching for a new job, you may even want to examine your resume more frequently. Every time you apply to acquire an original job, check your work application to make sure its not simply targeted, but in addition current. You can have different resumes for various jobs you prefer to pursue, and youre able to send such carefully customized resumes straight to the headhunters, company recruiters, and hiring mangers you fruchtwein want to speak to. Employers want to learn that youre reachable at any moment, not just when youre at home. Employers and recr uiters will have the ability to rapidly understand your career progression. Including a URL to a terrible LinkedIn profile will do more damage than good. Your LinkedIn profile data is pretty general so that it lets you make a generic resume only. The good thing is that anybody can immediately enhance their resume or LinkedIn profile. The truly amazing news about LinkedIn is it allows search engines to index your profile details. In that case, edit your resume to make sure that you have emphasized the most relevant content. Finding out how to add resume to LinkedIn 2019 is truly quick. Finding out how to add resume to LinkedIn 2018 is actually uncomplicated. Bear in mind it is possible to get carried away and make your LinkedIn resume too long to work, so make an effort not to get too wordy. LinkedIn also provides a feature you may be unfamiliar with, via their Labs, called ResumeBuilder. Your LinkedIn profile functions as a digital resume. Updating your LinkedIn profile is a terrific means to become organized for the next year. Another great approach to stay informed about their work and changes in their customers or organization is to utilize Google Alerts to get articles and blogs about that provider. By giving them a very clear picture of what the job entails, theyll have the ability to determine if it is a fantastic fit. You also have to make certain that youve got an expert photo and a great quantity of connections. As an Actor, obtaining an expert photo (headshot) is parte of the small business. If you wish to change your resume on LinkedIn later, just stick to the process above. You may be asking yourself whether the standard of LinkedIn recommendation writing even matters. By the way, you can discover step-by-step instructions on How best to Add Resume to LinkedIn in our prior article. The advice for LinkedIn is, needless to say, the precise opposite. In fact, lots of users make an account and abandon it since they have zero idea h ow they need to be using LinkedIn. The matter of auto-congrat emails, by comparison, isnt nearly so simple to repair. LinkedIn is without question your very best friend once it comes bolstering your probability of getting hired through social networking. Nowadays you know what LinkedIn offers and what type of people typically utilize it, but that probably doesnt provide you any particular ideas for how to begin using it yourself.